Alice in Wonderland rabbit prop

I was asked by Meat and Shake to build a rabbit on a swing for Easter 2014. So obviously my eyes lit up! The rabbit is sitting on a swing with rusty chains and weathered wood and activated by a pulley. The entire restaurants ceilingĀ  is full of hanging eggs that help create an ambiance that really comes to life at night. The rabbit will be hanging for an other week, go check it out… You can see how it was made in the video bellow.

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Alice in Wonderland rabbit prop s


Wiser Oner and I in Waterloo

I painted alongside Wiser from America a few days ago. We had been planning this for a few weeks and what a brilliant day it was! Wiser is also a body painter and we met with 3 more body painters from Holland, Germany and England, I had never been around so many body painting artists…

Wiser Olivier Waterloo London